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About Black Love Club

How often do we miss the pleasure! Modern life with its constant problems and tense rhythm makes you forget about yourself. Have you long wanted to escape, trully relax and feel an unprecedented pleasure? Come to our erotic massage club "Black Love". The most beautiful and sexy masseuses will give you crazy bright emotions that you will never forget.

Our hot girls know exactly what a real man needs. The first touch of one of these goddesses – and you will forget about everything. Not a single cell of your body will be left without attention. And in the process of massage, you will understand what a real paradise is.


We hold various parties, where you can celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or even a wedding! We will organize a colorful, juicy, unforgettable party where you will be immersed in a special atmosphere. Recharge your emotions for a long time. And we will do everything for this!

Hen parties/ Stag parties

Order a crazy hen or stag party. We will think through the entire program. From a buffet to a competition and performances. Order the program in advance if you want to remember this day forever

Corporative events

We will also hold a corporate event for your company. Here, you can relax to the fullest and even afford a little more than usual! It will be unusual and definitely unforgettable!

As well as any other events, whether it's a meeting of friends or a mother-in-law's birthday.

Must to try

Thai relax

Duration 60 minutes

Price 5.500\6.000 rubles

This program includes two components, each of which will give You an unprecedented pleasure and a great holiday. The first part consists of complete relaxation of the whole body, focused on relieving fatigue of the back and neck muscles accumulated during the working week, increasing vigor and a surge of strength to the whole body. The second part includes an unforgettable erotic relaxation! A young naked girl, having previously applied fragrance oil to her delicious sexy body, will glide over you, without leaving any erogenous zones without attention. You will go crazy from the touch of her firm boobs, gentle hands, flat tummy and inviting ass to Your body. During the highest ecstasy, You will experience the strongest excitement, completely relaxing and giving the best rest to Your body. Here we advise you to take the supplement "Your party" so that you can touch the girl.

Private dance

Duration 75 minutes

The cost 10.000 rubles

We have prepared for you an unforgettable, erotic show, performed by the best masters, consisting of three parts. First, a frank private dance will end with ecstasy in the shower. Then, a bubble Jacuzzi will help you forget about everything but bliss. And finally, an unforgettable private peep show with the most vivid impressions.


The cost is from 10.000 rubles

My mysterious and long-awaited friend. Welcome to our game called "Director" ... and this very Director will be you... You are the one for whom I will go to the land of your wildest fantasies, I will become for you the one to whom you can entrust your wildest and most daring desires... Become a Director for me and I will follow you... Close your eyes... imagine our meeting and... imagine the room behind the door where your fantasies are fulfilled...mmm... well, let's get started... Candles flicker softly, the room is filled with a wonderful aroma where notes of Jasmine, salty breeze, a little vanilla are distinguished and this unforgettable aroma of passion and tenderness slowly reaches you. I approach and touch your neck with a hand with the finest and velvety skin of a child, my touch makes you involuntarily shudder with pleasure. I only wear Lacy white underwear.I run my hand through my hair, touch my earlobe, squeeze it, you take a deep breath and exhale and the stress of the day, fatigue, unnecessary thoughts begin to go away, you are ready to go on. I get down on my knees and help you take off your shoes, and you're impressed, but a little embarrassed by my willingness to do anything for you. :I'm on my own, you take off all your clothes and I beckon you promisingly to the shower, where under the cascade of warm water I begin to do my job... starting from the tips of your ears and ending with your toes, I wash away fatigue, doubts, thoughts, worries... everything with a foam of wonderful scents... you take a deep breath in and out again... You feel light, relaxed and ready for your fairy tale further. Your feet touch the purest cold marble and you follow me to the bed where the main events of the next few hours will take place... You lie down slowly on your stomach, your face sinks into the pillow and again you feel this crazy fragrance of the most delicate silk , wind, sea, Jasmine and passion... well all... begins... I'm even more involved in your game) I sit on you, your tailbone feels my panties and spread legs... I start to touch and massage your neck, shoulders, my body falls on your back and you feel the touch of my stomach, chest, my nipples leave a wave of excitement on your body. A heady feeling of looseness and passion fills you. I squeeze your buttocks, start to RUB them, run my nails , boobs, papillae over them... then I go lower, to your hips, then my whole body starts to slide over you I don't miss an inch of you . My chest, belly, and ass all slide over you delivering a lot of exciting and pleasant sensations for you... and here on the last slide and gently whisper in your ear "cute turn over" , and a new atmosphere of your pleasure begins... well, finally... You turn on fog and of course I can see your excited body love. I'm not in a hurry to pick it up, I still want to play with you. First, I sit down next to you and begin to slide my papillae over your chest. Then I pinch your cock between my Breasts and massage it, then I start touching your love organ with one breast, then the other, making you even more excited, I don't miss a single detail, every millimeter of your penis pulsates with pleasure...Your eyes are closed, your body moves in time with my movements...mmm.... we both feel very good.... And then I suddenly, unexpectedly for you, turn over and sit on you with my back to you, spreading my buttocks and holding your beautiful lingam between them... you can see the outline of my waist, my hips, my shoulders. I start slowly at first, and then more and more, opening my buttocks to squeeze your cock, up and down, you have the impression that you entered me, but this is my art and ability to create sophisticated pleasure for you... Your cock rubs against my buttocks, you see how my ass twitches , how my body merges in a sweet moan and.... ecstasy covers you!, the body shudders and gives an impulse to your head.... I feel so good... thank you... it was unforgettable... You take a deep breath in and out again... You don't want to talk. You are content, strong, and can move mountains... I gave you what you came for... you are now invincible 💕

In the power of passion

Duration 45 minutes

The cost 5.000\6.000 rubles

Quick program. The girl will bathe you, cover your body with kisses, make a body massage (body oil) and relax. You can continue working without erotic thoughts. Here we advise you to take the Supplement "Your party" so that you can touch the girl.

Secret desire

Duration 75 minutes

The cost 11.500 rubles

A sensual, beautiful girl offers You deep and Frank caresses of the perineal zone. A gentle, erotic massage will allow you to experience a bright ecstasy! Doctors recommend this program to stimulate male energy.

Secular lioness

Duration 60 minutes

The cost 11.500 rubles

We present You a new program: "Socialite", in which You can give pleasure to the master of relaxation by giving her a full-body massage. Then it will take You to the erotic world of fantasy and double bliss. A compliment from us – champagne.


Duration 180 minutes

The cost of 3 girls is38.500 rubles

The cost of 4 girls is44.500 rubles

This program will allow you to feel like a Sultan for two and a half hours. In this program, at your discretion, three or four girls will show you a Frank lesbian show, changing pairs. Will be offered to all the exclusive supplements. The number of relaxes is higher than the maximum. The program includes a buffet consisting of a fruit plate and champagne.

French kiss

Duration 90 minutes

The cost 7.500\9.000 rubles

The program "French kiss" will surprise you with an excellent erotic massage performed on talc. Erotic relaxation, performed by the most seductive girls of our salon, will relax all the muscles of Your body, preparing it for a stunning erotic part. The program "French kiss" focuses on the passionate, bloodstirring breath of a girl, making your heart beat at an accelerated pace, and her sensual, voluptuous kisses will turn Your head and drive you crazy. Leave all your worries and unsolved problems behind the doors of our salon, relax in the gentle arms of our beauties...


Duration 60 minutes

The cost 7.000\8.000 rubles

The program "Aerobatics" is able to turn the head of even the most demanding lover of erotic massage! Aerobatics includes all the advantages of Thai body relaxation, and the skill of our girls will pleasantly surprise every guest of our salon! Treat yourself to heavenly pleasure and exquisite pleasure, whirl in a whirlwind of sensual emotions with charming beauties, and You will never be able to forget these delicious moments of bliss!


Duration 90 minutes

The cost 18.500 rubles

Two girls will take you to the massage room, bathe in the shower, after which one will relax you without the help of hands, and the second will show a peep show-exclusive (bring yourself to relax with a toy); then the girls will perform a full-body massage, then offer tea or champagne, and at this time they will engage in a Frank lesbian show, after which the first will show a peep show-exclusive, and the second will relax with the lingam technique.


Duration 90 minutes

The cost 9.500\12.500 rubles

This is a full massage program lasting one hour and forty minutes, the girl will bathe you and perform an Aqua body "first relaxation in the shower", then a massage from the knees to the forearms and a second relaxation, and at the end-a body massage, a sprig of Sakura and a third relaxation. Touching the girl's body is allowed.


Duration isUNLIMITED

The cost is from 11.500 rubles per hour

This is not a massage program. Here you buy the time you will spend in our salon. In this program, you can take advantage of all kinds of spicy supplements and erotic services of our massage place

This is the most expensive program that allows you to make the most secret and most erotic fantasies come true

The number of cumming is unlimited.

A compliment from us – champagne and fruit\cheese plate.

Extension of 30 minutes - 50% of the price.

Sakura sprig

Duration 90 minutes

Price - 8.500\10.500 rubles

Erotic massage "Sakura branch" will bring bright colors to Your life! Every cell of Your body to the very tips of your fingers will be given maximum attention. You will enjoy an unforgettable and amazing relaxation with the use of oranges. In this program, You will experience the full range of feelings and emotions! All of it is built on contrasts, the combination of hot, exciting breath with the coolness of melting pieces of ice, gentle touches to all sensitive points will make You tremble with pleasure, which will last as long as possible, ending with a bright fire of ecstasy and complete relaxation of the whole body.


Duration 60 minutes

Price - 8.000\9.500 rubles

I offer you the most sensual and tender meeting. All you need to do is relax completely, and I'll do the rest myself. After taking a shower, we will move on to the most exciting action. I will let you feel how receptive your body is to various types of caresses and I promise that they will be very refined and excitingly pleasant. First, you will try the most familiar hand touches with the only difference that they will be the hands of a craftswoman who wants to deliver maximum pleasure, who knows where and how to stroke, and perhaps even gently, like a cat, scratch. They will lead us to the climax of this meeting, to real tender caresses, which no one has ever managed to withstand without feeling anything. You will be at the peak of bliss!!!

Twix. (program for couples)

Duration 90 minutes

Price - 2\3 girls13.500\19.500 rubles

This is a program for couples. For your choice, we offer a mix of all the additives of our salon.

Foot fetish

Duration 60 minutes

Price - 7.000 rubles

This is a program for lovers of beautiful, delicate female legs! All elements of massage, including relaxation, are performed by the girl's feet without the participation of the rest of the body. You can caress and kiss your feet and fingers.

Crazy menu and a piquant supplement

All programs are just combinations of these add - ons. If you want, you can create your own individual program.

"Aqua fun" - body massage in the Jacuzzi.

1 girl 3.000 rubles

2 girls 4.000 rubles

"Aquaboy" - relaxing in shower

1 girl 3.000 rubles

2 girls 4.000 rubles

Guest bathing - FREE of charge

"Relaxation" - extra – 2,500 rubles

"Your turn" - touching a girl – 3,000 rubles

"Lesbian show" theater – 2 girls – 3,000 rubles

"Lesbian show" exclusive – 2 girls – 6.000 rubles

"Peep show" theater with a toy – 1.500\3.000 rubles

"Kisses for beauty" - 3,000 rubles

"Jacuzzi" - 3,500 rubles

Private dance - 1 track – 3,000 rubles

Hot oranges - 2,500 rubles

"Sakura branch" - body kisses – 3.500 rubles

Spa-pleasure - full body scrubbing – 5,000 rubles

"Undressing a guest" - 2,500 rubles

"Communication with the master" - 30 minutes – 4,000 rubles

"Communication with the administrator" - 30 minutes – 5,500 rubles

«"Raisin" - presence of an outsider on the program – 50% of the program price

"Egoist" - Cum on the girl's body (excluding the face) – 5,500 rubles

"Rent a room" - 60 minutes – 3.500 rubles

"Aerobatics" - Cum of the girl's body, without hands – 3,000 rubles

"Master without massage" - communication with the master (the girl is naked) – 30 minutes – 4.500 rubles

Piquant massage - urological massage – 6.000 rubles

Our girls

The club «Black Love» employs the best girls. Each of them has a luxurious appearance and professional massage skills. Gentle and sensual movements of a masseuse with seductive forms, beautiful hair and an angelic face will take you to heaven. Girls are always in a good mood, which can not be transmitted. They are not only masters of their craft, but also amazing beauties who know how to bring a man to ecstasy.
With me, you will try the best relaxation techniques that I have honed over the years. You will plunge into a state of weightlessness and relaxation. First, I will be gentle as a cat, and then, you will feel all my passion and desire. My movements will be rhythmic and precise. I can feel your every impulse. Soon I will bring you to a state you haven't felt before. Just trust me…
And I know firsthand what every man wants so much, what he imagines in his fantasies, what he dreams at night. I see your innermost desires and am ready to help you with this. I will gently flirt and tenderly, but confidently go to meet your pleasure. And I invite you to this adventure with me. Will you come?
Do you want to choose me? I'll be so hot so you'll be thirsty. But it will be pleasantly exciting. A strong desire will turn into pleasure and you will want more and more… And I will make sure that you experience it again and again. As long as you do not want to take a break, then you will get a relaxation massage by me and my girlfriend. Can we call for more? It's up to you…
Our advantages
A huge number of programs
Our salon offers more than 20 programs, including a variety of services from classic to the most daring and unusual. You can supplement them at your own request, enjoy the company of several girls, relax with the company. The perfect holiday will be provided for both the humble novice and the most sophisticated connoisseur of sensual pleasures.
Full confidentiality
Photos and videos are not allowed here. You won't see any other guests inside the club. Forget about everything and just enjoy.
Comfortable atmosphere
We have everything you need for your comfort and hygiene. The interiors of the salon are about spacious rooms with a stylish new repair and excellent ventilation. Any of them has a nice rest and sensual pleasures. And to make you relax even more, we will be happy to offer good alcohol.
Only the best masseuses
The only problem you can face in our club is the problem of choice. All the girls are so beautiful and sexy so it will be difficult to choose one of them. However, who said that you should choose? You can relax in the company of two or more hotties or, if you want, replace the masseuse. All girls undergo special training and know exactly what you need for your pleasure.
Special offer!
Once you have plunged into the world of pleasure, emotions and sensuality, you will definitely want to do it again. Therefore, we give each client a certificate for 10 minutes for the next visit. Come and give yourself up again to the hurricane of temptations and goosebumps.



Price list for property damage

МWe are happy to welcome you to the luxury apartments and Spa "Black Love»

Especially for our guests, we have developed rules that are aimed at ensuring safety during your stay in our apartments or during the passage of massage programs and SPA treatments!

Black Love Spa does not provide intimate services.

1) Our salon does not offer therapeutic massage sessions.
2) Our guests are not allowed to use physical force against the master.
3) Guests are strictly forbidden to incline masters to any manifestations of intimacy.
4) It is prohibiyed to require replacement of the wizard later than 10 minutes after the start of the program. The master reserves the right to leave the program in case of inappropriate behavior of the guest, the money will not be refunded. A refund is possible if the master is not available for replacement due to the fault of the salon.
5) Being in the salon in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication gives the master the right to refuse to conduct the program.
6) Smoking is prohibited on the territory of our salon! The fine for smoking is 5,000 rubles
7) Our guests are not allowed to bring drugs, weapons, chemical or biological substances as well as items that are out of legal circulation.
8) Guests of "Black Love" bear full financial responsibility for damage to the property of the salon, the prices for damage to property are given in the Price list No. 1.
9) The guest of the salon is not allowed to offer (transfer) money and material values to the master during and after the end of the program, guests can transfer their special thanks to the masters only through the administrator and only at the reception.
10) Salon guests must comply with fire safety regulations.
11) If the guest is delayed on the program for more than 10 minutes, he will be charged a fee of 100 rubles. for each subsequent minute.
12) You confirm with Your signature that you are already 18 years old.

On the territory of our salon is video surveillance - entrances, corridors, reception.

Salon "Black Love" is under round-the-clock security of the PSB

1)Ashtray – 300 rubles ;
2) Bed linen – 5,000 rubles ;
3) 3) Pillow – 1,000 rubles ;
3) Pillow – 1,000 rubles ;
5) Curtain – 2 000 rubles ;
6) Sofa cushion ( removable ) – 15,000 rubles ;
7) Fabric sofa – 140,000 rubles ;
8) Leather sofa - 200,000 rubles ;
9) Leather pouf – 25,000 rubles ;
10) Chair - 35,000 rubles ;
11) Coffee table - 15,000 rubles ;
12) Massage table - 60,000 rubles ;
13) Mat– 20 000 rubles ;
14) Panasonic TV 50 UT30 – 45,000 rubles ;
15) Panasonic 42 UT30 TV – 38,000 rubles ;
16) GI96 receiver/91 – 12 000 rubles ;
17) Philips radio – 5,000 rubles ;
18) Yamaha receiver - 15,000 rubles ;
19) Wall clock – 2,000 rubles
20) Jacuzzi – 80,000 rubles ;
21) Jacuzzi Mat – 3,000 rubles ;
22) Candle holder – 600 rubles ;
23) Admin call button – 1,500 rubles ;
24) Floor vase 10,000 rubles ;
25) Artificial flowers - 3,000 rubles ;
26) Diskoshar – 10,000 rubles
27) Searchlight for disco - 5,000 rubles ;
28) Sconces – 5,000 rubles ;
29) Serving table 12,000 rubles ;
30) Chandelier ( 5 plafonds ) – 10,000 rubles ;
31) Refrigerator – 10,000 rubles
32) Painting – 8,000 rubles ;
33) Hair dryer – 3,000 rubles ;
34) Mirror over the bed is 7 000 rubles ;
35) Floor lamp "big" – 10,000 rubles
36) Floor lamp "small" - 5,000 rubles ;
37) Toilet bowl – 10,000 rubles ;
38) Barrel – 40 000 rubles ;
39) Steam generator – 25,000 rubles ;
40) Outdoor hanger- 5,000 rubles ;
41) BOSE speaker system – 40,000 rubles ;
42) Microlab speaker system – 10,000 rubles ;
43) Glass from the shower cabin – 6 000 rubles ;
44) Shower cabin "Small" - 35,000 rubles ;
45) Shower cabin " Big " - 55,000 rubles ;
46) Carpet burning, carpet damage – from 2,000 rubles (depending on the size)
47) Wallpaper damage – 500 rubles;
48) Damage of the podium – 30,000 rubles;
49) Table glass – 10,000 rubles;
50) Cooking utensils – 100 rubles (1 appliance)
51) Hookah Damage - 5,000 rubles.
Fine for Smoking in the apartment - 5000 rubles

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